Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Kings Cross x 2

The old Kings cross Thameslink line station was great for sketching (not least because sometimes the trains were so frickin' long in coming that you often had time to conduct an entire love affair with someone before the 22.09 to Bedford condescended to drag itself by). The opposite platform was only just there, and had seats all the way along, ensuring a guaranteed array of folks. This girl was from a very late night journey. I loved her hair and coat, almost swamping her in animalistic furriness.  She was tiny underneath it all.

Now we get to use the new St. Pancras station, ( which I consider a dazzlingly  brilliant, sympathetic renovation of a great building - and to think they were going to knock it down!!! ) But there are less seats on the platform, and further apart.

But grabbed this one the other day, of a guy sitting on the floor as his mates had squeezed themselves into all the available space on the bench. Because the distance is further and the lighting less contrasting, I was aware of struggling to see the detail. And did assume some of the sketch. 

But very pleased with his knee and foot.

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