Tuesday, 20 July 2010

233 - geezer

Have posted this one on another site. So second time out for him.

He looks like he fell from a different time. Like someone shook an old photo and he got dislodged. Have you ever noticed how some people's faces get lost in time, how every now and then you'll see someone who should really have been Victorian, or medieval ?

And how, in every old group photo of, say, a 1920's wedding, or soldiers going off to war, or clerks posing on the office day out, there is always one person whose face is so modern they could just as easily be in the checkout at IKEA ? Always one.

Maybe they are time travelers ? Maybe it's the time warp / photographic equivalent to urban surfing ? Where you have to jump back in time and get your face in a group photo without being detected. What would it be called ? Past tagging ? Time tourist ?

No, no, no - I know - Back slapping.


  1. Yes, there's something almost George Bernard Shaw about him, maybe because his beard looks important. Few men have important beards these days - I think I'm glad about that!

    I enjoyed your musings about time-travellers - a thought to ponder on, if ever there was one.

  2. "Important beards", like that.

  3. Actually, yes, I have noticed the "not of their time" individuals. Exactly as you noted.

    Great sketch.