Thursday, 6 September 2012

Paralympic weekend pt 3

Every current train journey will include a smattering of flag carrying, Team GB wearing, paralympic going folk. Whose quota increases the closer you get to transport hubs that link to any venue.

Here are is a middle aged couple from the weekend. Flags rolled and ready in anticipation.

I like the idea of their calm, very English reserve being replaced with flag waving and cheering, then being rolled up and put back for the journey home.

Don't know what they went to see but they got off before the connection to the Olympic park, so I am guessing probably The O2 or the EXcel.

Are there Paralympics at the O2 ?


  1. Very British - keeping your ebbullience pre-packaged in a bag.

  2. In answer to my above question. Yes, when you call it the North Greenwich Arena.