Monday, 3 September 2012

Paralympic weekend Pt 1

Went to the swimming on saturday. Saw Elli Simmonds break her own world record. Which was excellent, but also hazardous to human ear drums, as the noise the audience made literally hurt to hear.

Mostly forgot to sketch, but here are two from in between the splashy stuff.

I was up in the stands looking down over a whole row of people recording the events for each team. Netherlands, New Zealand and Japan were immediately in front of me, according to their shirts. I assume they are so the swimmers can watch it back and see how they did, how they can improve.

I could do with someone to do that for me in general

Had to add some quick colour to this one, loved the blue of the pool, and the red and yellow of the lane markers.

All life should be that colourful and clear.

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