Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Paralympic weekend pt 2

Sunday I had a day pass to the Royal Artillery Barracks - current home of the Shooting and Archery.

Thought I would go for an hour or so... stayed all day. It was utterly brilliant.

Firstly, Pistol shooting.

No idea what the rules were, or how the scoring went, or who was in the lead.

Or even who won.

I made a few notes look, this was Yunas Bahceci of Turkey. Like the nonchalant hand in pocket.

And Zivko Papaz of Serbia.

I want to say this guy was from Japan, but I didn't note it down. After the noise and frenetics of the swimming it was so calm, and still and ( because of the ear plugs we all had to wear ), quiet, almost contemplative. Just the steady raising of the pistol arms, and the occasional sharp crack of each shot. It was almost monastic in it's focus.

And it occurred to me,I don't think I have ever sketched people in wheelchairs before. 

Which is not something I am proud to admit.

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