Sunday, 24 July 2011

Copper band

Sat opposite two London transport policemen, so had to sketch.

The one I sketched was unaware, ( so much for eagle eyed keeness ) but his mate clocked what I was doing.

And then I remembered that new law about being an offence to record the image of police officers when they are working.

Was I about to be arrested ? My sketch book impounded as evidence, bagged and labeled exhibit A my Lud.

No... just dull, brilliant life as always... they just carried on discussing their work shifts, and who was on after them, and what Tom had done with the work rotas.

So I sketched more.

He leant forward and started turning his cap around and around in his hands as he spoke, like checkered worry beads.

It deserved a sketch of it's own.


  1. Really caught a sense of attitude with these - really like them. It is true about not being able to record the image of policemen at work? Sounds very Islamic...!

  2. Lovely sketches, Keith! And the bit about the checkered worry beads was great! Very Poetic.

  3. Thanks.

    It occurred to me that, if anything happened, we would all be looking to these guys to be the ones to do something, so dues there to them.

  4. Very fun and loose line work. Beautiful and impressive work.