Sunday, 24 July 2011


Nipped home for the weekend, to check for unpaid bills, water leaks, dead plants, etc...

Instead a nice little package awaited me.

A sketch book from my mate Tiff, over in Ohio.

Thanks Tiff. It is brilliant. Look...

The cover is an old cut down 45 record. And it says LONDON. How neat is that ?

Can't wait to start filling it.

Thanks Tiff. Love it.


  1. Nice to know that the postman sometimes brings something other than bills, eh?

  2. And "Tiger Tango" by Cyril Stapleton and his orchestra! Ahh....Jurg Hochweber's version of the Tiger Tango can be found here...

  3. Only you would know that Timbo !

    I'm going to listen now.

    My postman is of the grumpy persuasion Steve, bills, parcels, births, deaths and marriages... it's all the same to him.