Monday, 25 July 2011

The art of recording art.

I should be detailing up doors, but am taking a bit of time out to post.

Was in Tate Britain just before this job started, to see the watercolour exhibition. And sketched this guy who had been photographing sculpture, and now sat to check his camera.

Thus this is a sketch of someone looking at photographs of art. 

Somewhere in there the Universe folds in on itself, and those fluorescent marker pens come into their own.

Incidentally, last week someone told me a story about how their dog ate a highlighter pen whilst they were out, and when they got back it stood, wagging it's tail and greeting them with bright glowing teeth.

That makes me smile even now.


  1. I would imagine that you'd have no trouble avoiding stepping in the product of the other end at nighteither. All dogs should be made to eat highlighter pens - for the amusement of glowing teeth and the practical value of being able to see dog shit in the dark!

  2. Glowing teeth? Fabulous. And worthy of becoming an episode of Scooby Doo to boot.