Sunday, 18 April 2010

Trafalgar Square

There seem to be so many Tourists here at the moment, floods of students, EF backpacks.
( And no-one is leaving any day soon thanks to Eyjafjallaiokull. - Hope I spelt that right ! )
This girl was one of many sitting on the steps in front of the National Gallery. Taking in the glorious spring sun, and the view down Whitehall. And just looking, maybe fixing the moment in her mind, a memory for future days.

And you realise how much a privilege, a pleasure it is to live in such a great city. I love London. and every second I have spent in it. And for others it might just be a memory of a good trip, or a place they want to visit one day, as I think of other places, other cities. But for me London is always here. Just down the street, on the end of a tube line, just over the river. Everywhere. My city.

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