Sunday, 11 April 2010

Cheating - but admitting it.

So this one, right, I drew about four different versions of this guy reading his book. It was a beautiful day, it's like someone switched summer on overnight, everything is moving in the gardens, everything has that almost fresh green feel, and everyone have left their coats at home, hurrah !
So sketching with a weird energy, and it shows, and drew this guy again and again, but not one drawing I liked. Liked bits of this one, and the head of that one...
So have photoshopped them all together into this amalgam of a drawing.
I don't think that's cheating, and anyway I make the rules around here. But in the spirit of total disclosure befitting a time of political election...

Not a lot to say about the subject though, he was so lost in his book, turning the pages back on themselves. I was grateful for his stillness, but gleaned very little of his world.

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