Saturday, 10 April 2010

126 - Wasabi soup

Tried Oxford Street as a sketching venue the other day. Big mistake, so many people, all wanting to push past exactly were I was, even though I had ( I thought ) tucked myself well into the window gap of Holland & Barretts.
For every 1 second I had a clear view of my subjects, sitting at a bus stop, there were at least 20 seconds when the view was blocked by frenzied consumers.
And carrier bags, so many carrier bags, banging and flapping around people's knees. How many of them ship out into the wide world on an average day I wonder ?
Anyway, this guy was spooning his Wasabi miso soup and noodles down at a rate of knots...
And is the most finished sketch I managed.

He dematerialised right in front of me as well. One second he was there, and I was poised to draw his knees in, then two blokes stood RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, ( the old invisible thing again ) and when they walked on, he had vanished, and I never saw him leave or anything.

So there is a slim possibility that he was a visitor from outer space, who loved Wasabi noodles enough to risk traumatizing a few saturday shoppers.

Although I doubt it.

Beam me up, Scotty, and don't slosh me miso !

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