Friday, 3 February 2012


Have been lost to work and family these past few weeks. Almost seeing now as the real start of this year, like the Chinese.

Anyway. Had the chance to sketch an ice hockey team as they practiced the other day. And those ice skates. They are as tricky to draw as they are to stay upright on.

Couldn't get them right.

So I just fudged them.

Not the best drawings, but have given me the idea ( also inspired by Sam's Lear sketching ) to find people doing specific things as subjects this year.

But don't hold your breath, we all know what happened to my colour project last year.


  1. Hats off old chap! Good to see you back on the scribble - and raising the ante by drawing some of the fastest moving subjects you could have chosen. Not sure I can top that without going into the realms of extreme drawing..not gonna happen until I can afford a unicycle. Thankyou very much for the link by the way - you are a scholar and a gent. My Wv is GOUTT, possibly ominously as we're currently in the process of finishing off the last of the Christmas booze chez Sam - a bottle of port

  2. Sometimes fudging is the way to go.

    Now I sound like an ex Eton boy.