Friday, 24 February 2012

Brown is a colour, an ex-prime-minister, and a decent bar.

Was in BROWNS in Coventry the other day, for a meeting. Sketched the patrons as I waited for my folk to turn up.

Early morning phone checks...


...reading papers...

... chatting....

....and general mooching.

The meeting went very well, and involved, amongst other things, PVC cows, an ultraviolet seahorse, hairy organza, and how small a box you could fit a 4' 11' woman into.

( Hairy organza. A name like that deserves it's  own series on Cbeebies. )


  1. The look a most intellectual clientele...

  2. Hairy organza hmmmmmmm!! remind us again just what it is you do for a living :-)

    Great sketches

  3. Ciao, I love your draws because are imediately and essential. I don't understand english very well and the google translate is I can't say about your meeting.
    Ciao, Floriana