Thursday, 16 April 2015


So you know how I have been saying, on and off, that I would love to find an Orchestra that would let me sketch them. Well finally managed it.

The London City Orchestra have opened their doors to me. Which is brilliant.

The previous few musical sketches were from my initial meeting with them, but now I have access to their rehearsals and it is an amazing thing.

The relationship between musician and instrument is even more complicated to draw than I had expected.

Violins, ( see previous post ) their curves are so specific, and to draw them right and in perspective as they are played. It does your head in. 

And the French Horn !

Seriously. Who designed that in the first place. I spent all my time just working out where the tubes all went. And not even that yet.

Amused that the glibness of my sketching style goes out the window as I try to decipher what I am actually looking at.

But looking forward to some great sketching.

Thanks to all at LCO for this opportunity. 


  1. Wow, Access all areas! As you say a wonderful opportunity and one few get. Enjoy!

  2. I am. AAA is my middle name.