Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Beau Chapeau

This girl ( because although she was beyond a certain age the word woman feels like an affront to pin to her ) got on the tube as I was standing by the door.  The first thing I saw was her hat and it made me smile, and seeing me smile she flowered from her personal daydream and offered me a smile of such perfected glory the day was made.

She was a painted doll, with crimson lips and arched brow and jet, jet black hair emphatically lacquered around her. 

And her hat.

Her hat was a painted doll's face with lidded eyes and Clare Bow lips, edged in diamante, with a flourish of ribbon, also sparkling with gems. All in powder blue and turquoise. 

Maybe hat is the wrong word, maybe it was more of a fascinator, that is what they call them isn't it ?

And I was fascinated.


  1. I want that hat. Also, great sketch: lots of character

  2. A smile shared on The Tube is a rare thing indeed.