Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Me, you and them.

There were three people involved in this sketch...

Got into a conversation with someone on the train home the other night. I was sketching and he was playing a game on his phone and we started talking about passing the time to make the journey go by, and what we had done that day.

It was a good conversation. I wished we all talked more like that.

Anyway, this is the sketch I did at the time.

As soon as I had drawn the eyes I felt it was going to be a pleasing sketch. And that was important to me, knowing I had someone watching it as well as me.

And why is that ? Why does someone else watching alter my relationship with what I am drawing ? Why am I so fickle as to want to be seen to be good at this ? Am I not suitably reassured in my ability to do this by now ? Why is it so important to impress a total stranger ? Why is it so important to be validated like that ? 


Actually, now I have told you this there are four people involved in this sketch.

Getting awful crowded in here.


  1. Impressive, I always foul it up if there's someone watching!

  2. A damn fine sketch. Really like the shading... makes it very satisfyingly solid.

  3. But why is that ? Why do we draw less well when observed ? Is it tension, or self fulfilling prophecy ?

    Actually, I have read why. Because it becomes a conscious thing, and we always perform less well when we are conscious of the act of performing.