Sunday, 2 December 2012

A day late and a dollar short.

Forgot it was December 1st yesterday. How could I do that ?

Because yesterday marks the start of YEAR FOUR of doing this.


I have decided the loose theme for this next year will be WORK.

Sketching people at work in as many occupations as I can talk my way into.

Nothing crazy mind, just a few money earners in among the usual commuters and slouchers.

And, to start...

My neighbour is a mobile car mechanic, rushing to fix the flat and broken down of the A1. And the other day, his truck broke down, so he and his mate upped the bonnet and did their thing.

Then stood around discussing it.


  1. Happy birthday blog! Nice feeling of weight/balance/character on the crossed legged ones.

  2. Great sense of attitude with those legs crossed over... says it all.

  3. Whole body sketches, the new holy grail.