Saturday, 15 October 2011


Another movement sketch. Trying stuff out, letting the person tell me how the drawing should be.

This girl didn't move much so it has kept the drawing more compact, more comprehensive. Then reinked over the final line, to make it more predominant. Give it the main task of telling the story.

Have to think on this more. Interesting thoughts. Hmmmm. Maybe combine the last movement one with this...


  1. Oddly the sense of movement grounds her... gives the drawing a sense of place.

  2. I like this one too!
    she's a solid looking gal....
    do you "do" animals too?

  3. I'll "do" anything if it stands still long enough !

    Steve - thanks, this is something i am going to pursue more.

    John - One of the suggestions for where to take this was to do a year of animals sketches, and while it would be challenging and interesting to do, I just don't come into contact with enough animals on a daily basis to be able to manage it. Unlike Sam over at Bristol Zoo. ( ENVY )

    Maybe I should give your chickens a go ?