Saturday, 22 October 2011

Bugger it.

I've messed up my sketch folders, and have some sketches I don't know if I have posted or not, so apologies if I double up for the next few posts, until I get my bloghouse in order. I know my blog adjudicator out there will jump on my case like a sack of proverbial if I do. ( You know who you are - don't make me say it )

Anyway, I will trust my own memory will tell me which one's have already had their moment.


This guy was an actor. I knew his face from stuff but not so much as I would know his name.

No matter, in the book he goes.

For some reason I see him playing either college professor types, or in 20's shooting gear... either way it's tweedy.

And can I just add I am, as I write, eating a seeded onion bagel that I got from the 'reduced for a quick sale' shelf in Morrisons last night on the way home... and it is fantastic. I know the minutiae of other's lives is at best, boring, but this is so good it deserves to go on record.


  1. He does look very familiar and that beard just screams thespian.

    Many thanks for saying you'll read my novel by the way - do you have an email address I can send it to? You can contact me via my blog.

  2. Great little sketch! and sorry to hear about your folder situation. I usually take the fly by the seat of my pants approach, so if I haven't scanned it, then I know it's not been posted yet... Ha-ha-ha!

  3. wow! you drew all these?! i'm really impressed. i've been looking for drawings like these (maybe a nude woman) in a large sized canvas for my office/living room but could not find any one i liked. Good job!