Friday, 16 September 2011

Gan awhey a metro centre

Of all the cultural places I got to see during my stay up North; Durham Cathedral, Hadrian's wall, the Baltic, the sea front building seen in Winslow Homer's Whitley bay watercolours.... By far my favorite place was the Gateshead Metro centre. All life was there, buying stuff. There was a shop for ever conceivable human need, places to have your feet nibbled by fish, bungee jumping for the reckless, chocolate fountains, giant gnomes and more phone accessory booths than a soul could ever need. I now know I am not a complete person until my phone has a bejeweled, fake fur jacket.

And the most comfy bucket seats to rest your consumerist arse in.

Sketched a guy explaining life to his wife in one.

Or at least explaining why he couldn't afford for her to have her feet nibbled by fish, one or the other.

Didn't get anywhere near enough sketching in whilst I was there, but now I am home I can at least get back into the rhythm of posting again.

And I have new drawing materials to play with, and an inclination to push the boundaries of this a bit more now.

About bloody time too.

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  1. Explaining life to his wife... or trying to explain his wife to his life...?