Thursday, 25 August 2011

2 profiles.

Another bloke's profile. Many questing lines.

This gets me thinking about where to take my sketching next. It points in a looser, more fluid direction.

Where as this one...

...implies more speed and a sort of brutalism, just chop it out, gouge it out of the paper. 

The pen as blade.

The pen as pick-axe.

The line as scar.


  1. Both valid and interesting directions to go in...

  2. Questing lines gets my vote .... second one reminds me of my childhood ... is Etch-a-Sketch still going?
    and sorry, that isn't meant to be rude, just my instant reaction to the sketch.

  3. Great drawings, Keith! The first one is just lovely in it's fluidity. Questing lines is really my natural mode of drawing. I've been accused of making "Furry" drawings more than once. Ha-ha-ha!

  4. Both are waaaay much better than my chunky stick figures!