Sunday, 8 May 2011

Watching me, watching you, watching...

This girl loved her hair, and played with it the whole time I was watching her. Brushing it back, scrunching it up, then flicking it forward and playing with the ends of it.

And all the time watching herself in the window's reflection as her friend talked and talked.

Was she aware that, opposite her, a young tourist watched all of this mesmerized and amused ?

Who watches the Watch(ing)men ?

( See what I did there ? )


  1. Just goes to show that we are voyeurs at heart...

  2. I notice he has a wrist watch. So, who watches the watch watchers.(The word 'watch' is beginning to look weird.)
    On who's watch was the watch wearing watcher watched.
    The Watcher's!
    Too much alliteration can lead to watch weariness.

  3. I wonder if people notice you drawing them?

  4. Steve - what you do in the privacy of your own home...

    Superfaty - watcha doing ? Leaving such clever comments could get a guy watched... no... not up to your standard. Damn it !

    Sag - Some time people know, but you can tell if they are comfortable with it or not. And if not then I stop. But the majority are often locked in their own thoughts and hardly even register your existence, let alone what vagaries you might be taking with their image.

    Keep watching the skies...