Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ladies who cyberlunch

Anna Wintour on the Thames link train from Bedford !!! Well I never.

This Lady and her friend were discussing Facebook, and the whole Social network thing.

"It's great as far as it goes, but I find it all so static, you meet people and it's good and all, but when do you get to interact, and develop things further ?"

She waved her painted nails in emphasis.

"I argue with my work colleagues all the time, and we disagree about all sorts of things, but that moves our relationship on from just work, you know"

"Facebook you don't really get to interact with people. So what is the point ? "

The June edition coming along nicely then ?

( Disclaimer - any resemblance to real powerhouse fashion magazine editors is entirely coincidental, and big sunglasses are not, when I last looked, a trademarkable item )


  1. Great sketches and a spot on conversation.

  2. What do they mean: when do you get to interact? Have they not heard of poking?!

  3. ...and sending really annoying Farmville requests? (following on from Steve..)

  4. I have never been sent a Farmville request ? I feel less of a human for it.