Tuesday, 5 April 2011

If music be the food of love...

...give it a rest for a bit.

Every time you sat down to eat or drink anything, a band popped up to belt out their version of Chan Chan, swiftly followed by the chance to buy their ( seriously dodgy graphics ) CD.

By the end we were literally pleading with them not to play.

Sketched a few of them. This is my favorite. Like his fingers. Got them wrong several times, but the accumulated effect is sort of right.


  1. The accumulated effect adds movement as does the attitude and simplification of the other hand. Despite the message of your post I'd quite like to know what he was playing.

  2. I'd imagine that hearing it once wouldn't be too bad... That being said, I've been in situations before where I thought "If I hear this ONE MORE TIME, I'm going to SHAKE somebody!" Ha-ha-ha!

    I really like how he looks kind of big, beefy and slow, but his hands look like they are moving really fast.

  3. Thanks Steve, can't say what he was playing. It all blurred into one zippy-zippy tune.

    Thanks Jeff. Like that you got that about him. Dead chuffed at that.

  4. great
    the accumulated effect makes you almost here the music