Saturday, 30 April 2011

Flag waving.

Had to go and have a look. I love my city, and when it scrubs up and puts on a show like that it would have been churlish not to go see.

Did several sketches, but just wanted one that caught it all.

Flag waving can serve many purposes, not always for the good. But yesterday's red, white and blue was nothing but open hearted.

In my opinion.

This guy was interviewed on BBC London News as well, saying he was just enjoying the opportunity to be patriotic, so I wasn't the only person who spotted him.


  1. NIce sketch - and I'd go along with your opinion. I watched from a mate's house in Bristol, and even a cynical bugger like me has to admit that they did put on a pretty good do!

  2. Have to say I resisted the live coverage but then spent the rest of the day sucked into the highlights...

  3. Live coverage of the main event was fine... inbetween bits where HUw back at the studio dissected the significance of the canape menu with a TV historian and a bemused looking ex Lord Chamberlain a little iffy...

  4. Ah, Sam, I happily missed all of that as I (unintentionaly) ended up in a rugby scrum of determined tourists and old ladies trying to elbow each other in the ribs for a better view of some bloke judging kids hats in Trafalgar Square.

    I fought my way out and found a quietish corner to stand and watch the real attraction, the fly past. Then I buggered off to the Eric Gill exhibition in the British Museum.

  5. all that is captured in this one. LOVE it!

  6. I missed the royal wedding. I am not a i had work as an excuse. But I do agree with you that carrying a flag encompasses a lot of things and feelings.

  7. That is so good, it says so much.
    I missed much of it here but The Japanese were very excited about it.

    ( I'd also like to thank you SO much for giving me the link to the writers room, I think I've read every page now and found it very motivating and inspiring. Thanks for taking the time)