Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Where does the week go ?

I swear, at the moment, there is a time eating succubus sitting on my shoulder and as soon as I wake up on Monday it inhales the week, and it's over before I've even rubbed the sleep out of my eyes.


Everyone has their winter coats back on, so soon, so soon.

Collars up, eyes down, plough through another winter.

This guy's coat was bright red, so at least he was making the effort.


  1. Even now at 41 I feel like a detective when I put my collar up... makes the winter more bearable!

  2. Chief Inspector Steve tugs on his coat zip and glares at the closing mist that, he knows, already hides the still warm clues. He sniffs, November, back again. What fresh depths will the evening reveal ?

  3. Aagh, laments Steve. Its just the recently expelled curry from the guy wearing the khaki green coat in front of him. He side steps the puke and adjusts his collar....