Tuesday, 30 November 2010

365 - well there you are then

So, here I am. The last sketch of the challenge. Strange. Didn't think I would be posting from an (almost) snowed in art dept in Luxembourg when I started it. In truth I thought it would get abandoned half way through.

But I have enjoyed this so much, and met some great people in the process. Big thanks to everyone who has been by, and everyone who commented, and, absolutely, everyone who 'sat' for me, however unwittingly. Not done with this, but for the moment...

... one last sketch. Number 365

A girl, in the park on that brilliant summer sunday. Took a long time to choose. But, from the current cold grip to the lazy warmth of that day...

...there you go. 




  1. hope you return. you're awesome! =)

  2. A lovely reminder of summer. Ditto above. Hope this isn't the last we hear of you.

  3. Well done!
    I knew you wouldn't abandon it.

  4. Hats off to you for making it all the way through and doing some lovely scribbles on the way. I'm most likely going to spend most of my day tomorrow stuck on a National Express bus -you kinda got me back into sketching people on location, so i will think of you whilst I draw the back of people's heads!

  5. good job! not easy to sustain that commitment...I loved the comments on the sketches too...I hope to hear more from you!

  6. Thank you everyone.

    SchriBlur - Thanks, lovely to hear.

    Steve - your support has been monumental.

    Diana - you made it here, brilliant. Top notch. Means a lot.

    Sam - I want to see the backs of those heads. I mean it !!!

    Lrc - Ta muchly, Glad you enjoyed the sillIness.

  7. Hey Keith pardon this late reply, only just realised I had comments on my blogger. Thanks for you kind words. Ive been following your blog for a while now, way before I made this account and congratulations on your 365th drawing!

  8. Brava! Very enjoyable watching you move through this series! I look forward to seeing where you head next! Ideas? Well, I'm a little short on them as of late, but if I think of anything I'll let you know!

  9. I also hope you post some more, I am guilty of visiting and not often leaving a trace of my voyeurism!

  10. Alekadzie - thanks for stopping by. Will keep my eye on your blog as well.

    Raena - always up for ideas. Not sure where I am going to take this now.

    Sagittarian - Like your silent sundays, your presence is felt even without comment. But comments are lovely too !!! Hint hint.

  11. Congrats Keith!!! What a huge accomplishment!

    I would love to cross paths with you one day...would be an honor to have a portrait by someone whose work I admire so much!

    Snowed-in in Luxembourg. Sounds like a dream to me!