Monday, 27 September 2010

twist to listen

Two women, on their lunch break, sitting and talking, or rather one talking and one following intently. I liked how she had sat sideways and was leaning in to follow every point.

Men never listen that focused, we are always too busy thinking what we are going to say next to trump the other person, to actually register what they are saying to us. Conversation, for women, is inclusive and empathic, for men it is information and status.

Am off on the road for the next few days, and not sure when the internet will rise up to meet me. So until then...


  1. All to true - he difference between the sexes is in how we impinge on each other.

  2. My hubby has had it confirmed by an ENT Consultant that he cannot hear certain pitches of voice ... mostly women's voices (and mine in particular I believe)!!

    I don't know how much this diagnosis cost him but hubby is overjoyed to have such a wonderful excuse for not hearing/remembering/understaning anything I say !!

    Have a good trip and I look forward to more of your sketches/observations when you get back

  3. Wonderful lines in this drawing. So clean and efficient.

    Re: how men listen... always suspected that.... glad to finally have it confirmed by a member of that gender ;-)