Saturday, 18 September 2010

Goodbye summer - 292 - 293

Two from the hot days behind us.

When I left for work on friday morning there was a whole sense of autumn on the way. The sky was what I call seaside sky. Grey and flat, but with a few gaps of washy blue in the distance. You know, when you were a kid and had a week by the sea, and the weather was crap, but every morning you focused on that distant patch of possible, as if by sheer kid's willpower you could bring it your way, and get a day on the beach.

These two guys were from that day of everyone in the fountain.

Never underestimate willpower.


  1. I can almost feel the heat they're basking in...

  2. We live by the seaside and I know just what you mean ... and why is our sea always porridge coloured?

    We'll be going out for a long walk along the beach this afternoon armed with camera (which will guarantee there will be nothing interest to snap)!