Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Thick coat for the snow.

Another person wrapped up in a thick coat, to mark the snow that is still falling outside. Done just before christmas. Like the line that makes his neck.
So far no-one has seen any of this, ( that I know of ). They are still mine, still hidden away as effectively as they are in the books. And I kind of like it like that. This is still just a challenge to me, by me. And no one else need ever be involved. Still part of the vaulted invisibility. Because even here, no one can see me. Ha !
So this makes me question another element of this. Why am I posting them here ? Beyond the fun of doing it. I sketch, then shut the book away and move on to the next one, and no one ever sees them. If this just becomes another version of the closed book then surely there is no point. The point is to let others see them, but in as anonymous a way as possible. But I am stumped as to why, other than as ego massage. But if I want it to be anonymous...??? Which comes back to why sketch ? And I still don't really know. Is it a validation, and if so, of what ? My purpose ? Pretty thin purpose then. Maybe I am looking too deep (as always). Maybe it's just about loving people, loving the shape of people, wanting to draw them, and wanting to share that with everyone.
So am going to try and get others to have a look here. See what the reaction is, see how that changes what I think of doing this.
So, if you've found your way here, your feedback is essential.

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