Sunday, 17 January 2010

43 - father watching daughter

An old sketch from sitting in Soho square. I was waiting to go to an interview for a job and had got there way too early. Sat on the bench by the Pizza express side and caught this bloke opposite.
He was there with his Daughter, who was intent on Pidgeon chasing ( what is it with kids and birds ? ) and I did other sketches with her in them as she kept running back to sit with him a while, then leaping from the bench and off she went. He was trying to get her to eat their lunch, but I think she was expending more energy that she was consuming that day.
I like his leg, how it suggests the other knee without me having to draw it. And the other arm and the rest of the bench. I would love to be able to say this is by design, that I know when to stop, but it was more likely because his Daughter came running back and he moved his position.
For some reason this one has loaded with a white border around it. Love it but have no idea how or why. Think I have posted this one elsewhere, so that might explain it.

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