Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Excuse me Missus.

Was on the train, minding my own, sketching, going into town, when this Woman literally barrelled down in the seat next to me with a lot of grumping and sighing. As if she thought I should move and leave the seat to her. There were plenty of other empty seats and I had a good view of people where I was, and I was there first !!!!

Then she sees I am drawing and starts laughing and leaning in to see. Now I am pinned against the carriage wall and she is leaning against me trying to see over my shoulder ! I have had sex with less body contact that this. I smile, but don't engage. And it's like she thinks I haven't noticed her, and she leans EVEN MORE. Her head is almost in between me and the book ! I can smell her hair and the fact that she smokes. And she looks at me and then the drawing and then me and it's like she is screaming, TAKE NOTICE OF ME. And it is so weird. 

So I show her the sketch, and she laughs. but doesn't back away. It's like a child watching me, and all I can do is keep shading and wait for the next stop to get off.

This is the sketch.

It is of a woman in a scarf. Can you sense the weirdness in the shading ?

People are freaky.

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  1. Ah the general public. Always somewhere on the spectrum.