Tuesday, 3 September 2013

3 seated commuters

A quick round up of recent sketches.

This guy was with a mate who talked the whole time and he just nodded and agreed with him, and looked ever so slightly bored with the flood of opinion his mate had.

Friendship often has such moments.

This guy had been shopping in Manchester city centre and I liked the designer bag on the seat beside him. Bags that stand up on their own, so the thing inside can be tiny tiny, but the bag bigs it up and makes it ultra important.

This girl dozed on the train in the sunlight, with a shawl wrapped over her arms and shoulders, which accentuated her face even more. I started a second sketch of her because she was so good, but, and I'm not sure if she was aware of me or if it was just sun avoidance, but she then draped the shawl over her face so all I had was a tuft of hair sticking out the top.

Ho hum.

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  1. These are all very characterful... particularly like the shading in the last one; I like the pencilled quality.