Monday, 22 April 2013

Life drawing or clothes don't maketh the man.

It has been seven years since I went to one. But last week I found a great life drawing class to go to.

It\s one of those things I always say, must do some more life drawing. And never do. So am mildly pleased that I got off my fat arse and found one.

Took a while to get into the pace of it, and I stood up to draw which was fine, until the next day when my shoulders ached like crazy. Getting old you see.

Three of the ones I am most pleased with. From towards the end of the session. The top two are five minute poses, the last one a ten minute pose.

I suppose these could be classified as NSFW. 

At a push. 

If you were prudish.

So apologies if so.


  1. I work in an art gallery so viewing them is not even considered time off.

  2. And one day I am going to visit it. So have the kettle on.