Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Thanks Tom

Tom Plant has been posting some great commuter sketches, inspirational, go and admire them if you haven't already. He recommends several kinds of brush pens.

I love the line he gets with them, but couldn't find either of the ones he uses. Still, inspired, I found one which looked like it might be good to play with. I'd tell you what it is, but I have already worn the name away.

Loving what it does. You really don't get second chances with it, the line is so instantly there. But when it goes right, oh boy. A fella could fall in love with a line like that.

This last one I tried the 'drawing one line without looking at the page' gag.

The result made me smile, and I added more hair to make it make sense.

Thanks Tom.


  1. Love the boldness and economy of line.

  2. Thanks very much for the mention and your kind words Kieth. I love the bold lines and shapes as well. Which pen did you go with in the end? I got my Pentel pen from Harold Hockeys in Bristol but you can get it from and you can get the other one at > The one you got looks like it gives a great line though!

  3. Would honestly tell you but all markings already worn away. Got it from London Graphics in Seven Dials. Will go and see what it was when I am next there. Probably buy another one.