Tuesday, 31 July 2012


No, not cheese, the other one, the big building looming over a city one.

Took a look at Liverpool cathedral. Big ball buster of a building. Built at a time when the technology to just strip it all back and go for it existed, but the urge to decorate and adorn still held sway. So you get these stark walls and jaw dropping spans, nibbled with leaves and scrolls and earnest looking saints.

Like a breezeblock in the hands of a fidgety gibbon.

Anyway, paused for a while in my architectural assessment, took a few moments silent acknowledgment, ( that's what you do in these places isn't it ? ). And noticed the seating was dotted here and there with other souls, hunched in thought, offering contemplation, or... no... look.

They're all on their bloody phones.

Maybe they were texting their prayers ? What kind of package does God give ?  Unlimited calls ? Good roaming deals ? Weekly top ups ?

A 24 hour help line ?


  1. People always on their phones is slightly hilarious to me...even if I'm not wholly free of being on mine during the slow spots of my day. A few weeks ago I was walking past a restaurant and saw a couple through the window. He was looking at his phone, and she was looking...bored. Poor thing.

  2. Liverpool cathedral is the only building I've visited that actually gave me vertigo. It is immense.

  3. It's so big it has atmosphere.

    ( Or was that just incense ? )

    Have you ever been to Westminster Cathedral ? It is of the same ilk.