Thursday, 31 March 2011

They lied !

Went up a mountain one day. On the way up we met a couple coming down, who told us we were halfway there. So we gamely pressed on. And it turned out we were only a third of the way at best. But I guess it was a boost to our hiking moral, so whatever...

Then, later, as we sat in a (well-deserved) Mojito soaked daze on the veranda of the Hotel Casa Grande, the same couple arrived and sat right in front of us.

Such blatant willingness to participate in the narrative of the day couldn't be ignored. So here they are.

I just allowed myself an English nod of the head to them in acknowledgement of our mutual path crossing, and resisted the urge to stagger over and make them feel morally accountable for my throbbing, ravaged thighs.

I am not joking. By then end of the trip we could hardly walk, and HAD to spend an entire afternoon laying on sunbeds. 



  1. They look like sadists, the pair of them. The kind that prey on unwary mountain walkers.

  2. What a great drawing! I really like the body language of the characters, and the narrative it invokes. I see this often in restaurants and coffee shops. The woman sitting and reading and the man just sort of staring off into space...