Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Pens - lost and found

Found 2 pens yesterday. A red one outside the British Library. And a black one on the Tube on the way to Shepherds Bush.

Later, when I was trying them out, to see it they still worked, and were truly lost, as opposed to just thrown away, a girl stopped in front of me wearing a red and black shawl. The perfect opportunity.

She was with a gang of friends, who were all larking about, but she remained aloof from their foolery.

The Universe wanted me to draw this one.


  1. Synchronicity is a wonderful thing...!

  2. That's almost spooky but then I suppose it's more about your powers of observation and making those connections. A great story and a charming sketch. Hope you're staying warm. x

  3. Making the best of opportunities as they present themselves—nicely done!

  4. How cool is that then? PLUS red and black are the colours of our region here, Canterbury! (That wasn't me in the shawl tho, too hot for wearing much at all here at the moment...)