Monday, 30 August 2010

In the Zone

The I-pod continues to revolutionize and isolate in equal measure. Where as you would never really see a business person with a CD player or a radio plugged in, now everyone is at home rotating through their entire music collection in the 8.45 rush hour mush.

You just plug in. scroll through, and disappear.

Now that would be something, if you could actually physically vanish when you plug into one of them. Like Frodo wearing the Ring.  Internal Vs External space. Being in two places at once, no hassle. 

I won't be throwing mine in Mount Doom any day soon.


  1. My Precious... has a real thing for the Eighties. I can time travel with mine as well as disappear.

  2. LOVE this one! Everything about it...his neck, lips, expression...your commentary. I have to say I expect that this guy would probably sound a little like Napoleon Dynamite if he took off his headphones and started up a conversation.

  3. Two film references in one go.

    Sweeeet !

    Hello NIW, thanks for rolling by. And Mattias, great to see you here. Have loved your blog for ages. An inspiration. Check it out everyone.

  4. I'm going to back everyone else up - this picture is the beesnees.