Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Time flies...

So, following on from Sam's speed sketching thing.

Decided to actually time myself, using the platform clock, and allowed myself 30 seconds per sketch, and no more.

Blimey. Talk about stress. It really focuses you. No sooner have you started than the numbers are clanking round like the bedside clock on 'Groundhog day'. Forget detail. The best ones I managed were of a passenger who had his back conveniently to me. Otherwise I doubt I would have got anything even anywhere near enough to register at all.

Look, I didn't even get time to give him both legs in that one. I would have said I sketch fast, but this proved how fickle my judgement of time really is.


  1. Bloody good discipline though...

  2. Good effort! Blimey though the mental clock thing sounds scary though...tick follows tock follows tick follows tock etc!

  3. Try it, 30 seconds, then stop. It gives you grey hairs.

  4. ...But it is good for you.