Friday, 20 May 2011

Slow week.

It has been a week of stops, starts and ends.  Some family revelations, an absolute shedload of memories shared, slow frustration over work, a little resentment to pepper the proceedings, some new people encountered and, at the very centre of the week, like a pearl, a moment of absolute brilliance that is, for the time being, mine all mine.

Just got to do the work now, live up to it.

Here is a totally unrelated sketch of a bloke in baseball hat..

Random is sometimes good.


  1. Love the detail in this - the shading and areas of transformation.

  2. Ran Dom is the one true god. I do everything Randomly.

  3. Sometimes the slow weeks are the most productive in the long run...

  4. Fascinated by your revelations, and moment of brilliance