Sunday, 15 May 2011

The future is now

Two families of Italian's on holiday, with suitcases and children dragging along behind them. Just flew in to Luton I'm guessing.

They sit and discuss where they are heading. One guy clamps his sunglasses in his mouth, wrestles out his i-pad and is instantly looking at a London street map. All the information they need opens out in successive pop-up windows, like the city was a flowering shrub, it's streets branches, blooming just for them.

The future is already here.


  1. Ah iPad. My biggest iWant.

  2. I'm tempted to buy one...but that will mean leaving my sketchpad and watercolor packet at home. i think more space in my bag :)

  3. There's always space for Apple products.

  4. Keith I can hear the saliva dribbling from your mouth as you talk about the iPad. Go and get one!