Monday, 21 December 2009

Winter solstice sketch 21

The shortest day, and it snowed. Perfect.
Wanted to post a sketch of someone bundled up against the cold.
This woman was drawn on the way home about a month ago, and I liked the way she is standing, the implied curve of spine and hip, underneath that coat. And her thick tights and high boots. Drawn in pencil, as I had forgotten to take a pen with me that day. Used to always sketch in pencil, but nowadays I like the honesty of pen, you can't rub it out, you have to live with each mark you make. I like seeing where I started from in relation to where I end up. ( see other sketches for what I mean )
Another crowded train journey this one, the drawing reminds me off being jammed in the corner by the door, and the thick, dark winter overcoats of those around me, and of a restrictiveness of movement in my elbow, of how it makes the sketch tighter, somehow. Your own posture can determine how you draw as much as anything, although I am now so used to the movement of trains and the Underground that it hardly ever affects the finished sketch. Maybe even improves them.

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