Sunday, 6 December 2009

Museum sketch

Another from the British Museum wander. Three students taking a break from learning, to sit and chat over sandwiches and bottled water. Enjoyed the detritus of their meal, the banana skin, and it was good that they sat long enough that I could get all three. Although they didn't strike me as in any hurry to move. Earlier, in the Mexican print exhibition, there was a cluster of (say it in your best wobbly voice ) " young people", all huddled on the bench in the middle of the gallery, cocooned in bulky black parkas, and fiddling with their mobile phones, pulling up footage of each other, and then sharing it around, trying to outdo each other in what Apps they had, and not one of them giving even a second glance at the exhibits. In the darkened gallery each of their faces were lit from the blue glow of their phones. like overweight fireflies.
Should have sketched them, but would have been too obvious. I like to be as invisible as possible when I sketch, it is a skill I have been working on for a long time. Not unlike game hunters in a forest, you know when you will be too visible, camouflage required.
Not sure if this will count as 1 sketch, or 3 people. Already building in a bit of leeway here.

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