Sunday, 6 December 2009

sketch 6

This woman sat on the train next to me yesterday. Brilliant headscarf, black and white zebra stripes, edged with Greek scroll. So strong her face was almost an afterthought, tucked away in the middle of all this pattern. Didn't sketch in all the stripes, don't know why. Coat is a bit crude, on reflection should have spent a bit more time on it, after she got off the train, but probably turned the page and moved on to someone else.
That is always the challenge in something like this, the inside voice of the self censor that thinks that a sketch isn't good enough. You are inclined to only scan and post what you think will suit, that you want to show off ( because that is what this is at the end of the day - showing off ). Will post stuff I am not pleased with as well. See how that feels.

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