Thursday, 10 December 2009

sketch 10 - Father and son

These two were sketched as part of a whole load of drawings I did for a large painting of a group of people I am in the process of doing. I found a spot deep in the crowds at the Lord Mayor's Parade ( just where the route turns by St. Paul's ). And no one noticed me at all, so got loads done. Didn't use these two in the final piece so am giving them their spot here.
I like how the hood and hat remove the need to worry about the heads, and I could concentrate on the pose, trying to get the weight of the child in his arms. The proportions of children is always a test, as they can get a bit ETish if you aren't careful. And they always seem lost in bulky clothes such as winter coats. In fact it seems to me that all the work in this sketch is being done by the Father's front arm, that is the bit that describes and makes sense of everything else.

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