Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The cat in a HMV

Came across this one as I was looking through an old book, looking for possibles. Had to have this one, one of those odd moments that you just find.
You used to be able to sit in really comfy armchairs downstairs in the classical department of HMV on Oxford street, and as long as you browsed the classical magazines or catalogues you were fine. A real haven on a rainy shopping day, when you just wanted to hide for a while. And you could always guarantee the odd nutter down there as a bonus.
They got rid of it, probably because they were attracting said nutters, people like me... and this guy.
Had dropped in for a sit down. And there, in the corner, was a middle aged bloke, fast asleep, with a black cat curled up in his lap. The cat's ears would flick about at any movement or noise ( above the Monteverdi or whatever was playing that day ) but otherwise it never moved.
Who takes their cat to HMV ? On Oxford street ? Anyone else ever seen him ?
Anyway they were there so long, I had a bit of a shading field-day, and the result is you have to be told about the cat before you notice it.

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  1. Just wandered back here and am saddened no one commented on this one, so I am.