Wednesday, 16 December 2009

fresh sketch 1

Fresh 'roadkill', gathered yesterday, on the train home. Ink still smudge-able.
Odd though, that I now draw with this project in mind, I think, must draw today so they can go on the blog. So why did I sketch before this ? Does a presumed audience ( which I know there isn't, just me here, indulging in onanism by proxy, by pen, pencil and Jpeg ) affect how your hand and pen move ? The subjects you choose. It has made me more self conscious, both of what I am doing, and why. I was looking at people and thinking not distinctive enough !!! And it also makes me worry about infringement of privacy. Who owns this image ? me or the subject ? Traditionally the Artist was the be all and end all, but in this age of copyright ?
I have to admit that today I was feeling like I wanted to know EVERYONE. Stop them all and find out who they were, what made them laugh. But that way is a surefire trip to the asylum. No ?
If you look closely you can see the next sketch through the page. It was of the same guy, so it reads like a ghost, or a prediction of his next move. The train was crowded - I won't bore you with the train service fun and games at the moment - and he stood opposite me by the doors, which is a fatal place to stand when I've my sketchbook out. As often, I end up elongating the skull. Which I always like, and never looks odd to me, but anyone would tell you that your chin is never that low.

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