Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Look and you will see. ( or maybe not )

So what do I see the very next day ? Someone reading a Kindle on the train.

So had to add her to the collection.

Then two Tourists stood in between me and the reader. And usually I just let it go when this happens, and move on to someone I can see. But this was a KINDLE READER. So I made it clear I was sketching the person they were blocking, with an apologetic smile and much twisting of my head to see round them. 

I couldn't have been more obvious.

They just scowled at me, and proceeded to unfurl copious maps and guide books, blocking my view even more.

I know when I am defeated.

So sketch not very good.

And that is my excuse.


  1. Curse them and their infernal maps! Hope they get lost!

  2. It wasn't so much the maps, as the scowls that got me. I mean, what did they think I was doing ? Not nice.