Friday, 4 February 2011

Ahhh !

Ha ! This woman was miles away ( how I like them --- err... my sketching subjects... not my women... oh no, hole... digging... deeper and deeper... shut up now... )

Not giving up on colour, but finding the time is proving hindering. Need to revise my working pattern.


  1. "Need to revise my working pattern" - the key to much happiness for all of mankind. I'm liking the sensuous honesty of the woman's face.

  2. Something that I've always enjoyed about sketching people from a distance is that it allows me to focus on generalities instead of getting caught up in the details. It also allows me to figure out what things can be reasonably left out when drawing small.

    Finding time is always the trick, isn't it? I wish I didn't waste so much of it. Ha-ha-ha!

  3. It's not so much wasting time, as the thought of wasting it. Procrastination and then it's time to put the telly on and veg out. Hmmmm